To the north of Montalcino, embedded like a natural anphitheatre, into the beautiful hillside of Montosoli, sits the Pinino wine estate.
This unique geography has made the region a favorite destination for the wealthy of Montalcino in the 18th century.The Pinino wine estate was founded in 1874 by Tito Costanti, Notary public of Montalcino. Nearly 100 years later, in 1950, Pinino was inscribed to the Brunello winemakers cadastral register.
Mr Max Hernandez and Ms. Andrea Gamon have owned the estate since 2004, and have expanded Pinino with the purchase of new vineyards in Canchi and with a project for the construction of a modern wine cellar.


Our vineyards are between 15-20 years old and are located in two different areas. 16 hectares for wine production of Sangiovese in the classical Cordon cultivations system abiding by Montalcino tradition.
Four hectares are locate on the Pinino estate, with a southern orietation and Galestro earth.
The remaining 12 hectares are located on the Canchi estate with a south-eastern orientation, with soils consisting of a mix of clay and lime-rich ground.

At the Pinino vineyards the grapes are still gathered by hand, using the traditional small boxes that have become a long-standing tradition in Montalcino. The selection and thinning out of the grapes in carried out in three systematic steps.
Pinino philosophy is to achieve a reduction of the harvest per grape vine by clipping shoots and thus enhancing the quality of the grapes significantly.

After a long alcoholic fermentation on the mash, and after completion of the malolactic fermentation, the wine is filled either into large barrels of Slavonian oak (10-20-30 hl) or into French oak barriques (225 lt).
Brunello di Montalcino remains there for at least 24 months, and Rosso di Montalcino for at least 6 months.
Regular and analysis of the wine support the cellar master in his work.

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